Tournament Report - Highland Senior Badminton Championships, April 2016


As the cool April evening kissed the shores of the Moray Firth close to the Black Isle Leisure Centre in gentle Fortrose, Caithness raiders once again escaped with trophies and medals from the North’s Senior Badminton Championship. A competitive but friendly atmosphere suffused the Ross-shire village, while shuttlecocks whizzed and curled about throughout a busy weekend for this prestigious end-of-season tournament.

 With national ranking points at stake, entrants came from far and wide; and once again it was Caithness players who showed a clean pair of trainers to the rest. The powerful play of Glasgow’s Sid Singh complemented the superb accuracy and fitness of Edinburgh University’s Wilgene Tan to wrest the Men’s Doubles crown, but otherwise it was Caithness all the way, with Mark MacKay, Shona MacKay, Martyn Cook, John Durrand, Iain Nicolson, Carole Begg and Ashley MacBeath who prevailed with top honours when the last shuttles were collected and the sweaty tops put in the wash.

 “The consistency and athleticism of Mark and Shona MacKay in particular was an awesome exhibition of controlled power, and for all that we witnessed a very high standard across all the events, it was unquestionably the collective quality of the Caithness group which shone through,” said Organiser Michael Gregson. “We in the Highland Badminton Group have been simply delighted to have such an intense and high-grade competition. Even the Consolation events were tightly-fought – even qualification from Pools was just a matter of a few points in several instances.

 “Although Inverness and Ross-shire - were less well represented, these things do tend to go in cycles, and I’m sure we will be seeing quality from these parts before long. Certainly there were good showings from Highland ‘expats’ like Joanna Shepherd and Megan Munro, and younger locals, like Nairn’s Jack Rawlinson and Inverness’ Alexander Gregson-MacLeod, showed plenty of promise this weekend alongside skilled veterans like John MacCulloch and Sam Campbell. It’s been great watching the skill and finesse on display. Well done to all competitors, and thanks for playing in such a good, sporting spirit.”

Highland Badminton Group Convenor Andrew Chatterton
Media Michael Gregson

Pos. Name Club
Mens Singles
1 Mark Mackay Caithness Badminton
2 Siddhartha Singh Western Badminton Club
3 John Qua Springfield, Cambridge
3 Wilgene Tan Individual Affiliation
Consolation Winner: Ramsay Hogg (Shetland)
Ladies Singles
1 Shona Mackay Caithness Badminton
2 Megan Munro Edinburgh University
3 Laura Muir Westside
3 Molly Mackay Inverness
Consolation Winner: Nikki Gracie (Dalzeil)
Mens Doubles
1 Siddhartha Singh+Wilgene Tan Western Badminton Club/Individual Affiliation
2 Martyn Cook+Mark Mackay Caithness Badminton
3 John Durrand+Iain Nicolson Caithness Badminton
3 Colin Grant+Ramsay Hogg Shetland Badminton
Consolation Winner: Matthew Jeorett / Charles Cuthbertson
Ladies Doubles
1 Carole Begg+Shona Mackay Caithness Badminton
2 Megan Munro+Joanna Shepherd Edinburgh University
3 Ruth Flett+Jane Hill Orkney Badminton Association
3 Suzanne Henderson+Claire Johnston Inverness/Individual Affiliation
Consolation Winner: Laura Muir / Debbie Craig
Mixed Doubles
1 Mark Mackay+Shona Mackay Caithness Badminton
2 John Durrand+Carole Begg Caithness Badminton
3 Iain Nicolson+Ashley Mcbeath Caithness Badminton
3 Wilgene Tan+Joanna Shepherd Individual Affiliation/Edinburgh University


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