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Scottish Education under reconstruction - Regional Improvement Collaboratives must hit the ground running

New System for Scottish education must show itself fit for purpose
The Scottish Government’s 6 new Regional Improvement Collaboratives for Education will be subject to some close attention in the coming months. They simply must deliver, if they are to achieve credibility as engines of excellence, rather than being a mere managerial miasma. As Archie MacPherson would put it, ‘They’ll have to set out their stall early doors.’
And these RICs are central to Scotland’s Education Governance arrangements. In delaying the Education Bill, Mr Swinney wishes for transformation through “collaborative and collegiate” action. My own authority, The Highland Council, is one of 8 within the dramatically titled ‘Northern Alliance’. Its Byzantine agenda has 4 Priority Areas, to be implemented through 16 Workstreams and 6 Drivers, and seeks connections, networks, synergy, the alignment of Progression Frameworks and evidence of positive impact.
These are the 4 Priorities: ØImprovement in attainment, particul…

'Islander' Review (Mull Theatre on Tour), September 2018

Close Encounters of the Cetaceous kind – ‘Islander’ –
A Powerful Drama which more people should see
Islander, Jim Love Studio, Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, Sunday 23rd September
Mull Theatre, with Helen Milne Productions, are just ending a whistle-stop tour of mostly small venues across Scotland with the two-hander ‘Islander,’ a truly magical evocation of storm-tossed, passionate lives intertwined with the sea, but under threat, as emigration to the ‘Bigland’ over the sea, and indifferent landlords, bring the community to the brink of extinction. The familiar Highland/ Island depopulation theme – here in a remote mythical land beyond Viking and North Utsire - plays out in an ensuing maelstrom of emotions: young islander Eilidh and mysterious visitor Arran find common cause in fighting parallel threats to land and sea, in entirely recognisable scenarios.
The startling musical boasts the lyrical, atmospheric and dramatic talents of Writer Stewart Melton, Director Amy Draper and Composer …