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Review of Dyad productions' 'Orlando' - in The Wee Review, 9th April 2019

Orlando In one era, and out the other
Dyad Productions
Based on the novel by Virginia Woolf
Eden Court One Touch Theatre, Inverness, Friday 5th April 2019
“I am all I need to be. I am Orlando,” ran the powerful concluding lines in this timely and enthralling adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel. The astonishing, virtuoso one-woman performance by Rebecca Vaughan, bringing her array of vocal and expressive talents to Elton Townend Jones’ script and direction, gripped the Inverness audience from start to finish. And the strong statement of identity, the assertion of a soul determined to be him/ herself, come what may, emerged as very much a 21st-century theme.
Orlando is a curiosity in Woolf’s work: s/he is an immortal poet of indeterminate gender and indeterminate epoch, the narrative stretching between the late 1500s and - in Dyad’s production - the present day. Orlando’s journeying from a privileged life in England’s rural midland counties, to Blackfriars in London, to Constantinopl…

The bullies haven't gone away - Scottish Review, 23 January 2019

'Empowerment': the approved buzzword for the Scottish Government's current drive to give greater authority to school head teachers. Many are sceptical: widespread staffing and workload concerns mean additional responsibilities are unwelcome. But surely 'freedom to manage' must be good?

Well, maybe not. For many, the empowerment of senior managers means giving them a licence to bully. While most head teachers are humane, supportive; others lack emotional intelligence and are narcissistic in nature. Contrary to the 'collegiate' ethos of Curriculum for Excellence, such leaders are neither distributive nor empowering, seeing the school as a personal fiefdom, their senior position and salary evidence of their own capabilities, and their right to mould the institution in their 'heroic' management style.

This is where the brave new world of leadership programmes meets reality. And reality bites. Bullying by senior management didn't go away; it just got a…